Monday, August 06, 2007

Third Planet Report 8/8/2007

Third Planet Report 8/8/07, with hippielawyer Alan Graf
Wed- 5:00pm /Wed 3:00pm /Sat 12:00pm

This week's Report features:

1) Interview with Peter Schweitzer and Elaine Langley on the aftermath of Katrina in Biloxi and New Orleans. Peter and Elaine have just returned from a trip to the area. Plenty, the grass-roots relief organization that they work for notices that government funding and assistance is still way behind private efforts despite the billions being poured into the area our of government coffers

2) Interview with Michael O'Gorman, an organic farmer and organizer about the effect of the war on small farms and rural communities

3) An outing of the democrats who voted for the spy bill--shame, shame, shame---fear doesn't cut it anymore guys. What's the excuse this time?

music by hippielawyer and Marian and Mellani

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