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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Third Planet Report 8/8/2007

Third Planet Report 8/8/07, with hippielawyer Alan Graf
Wed- 5:00pm /Wed 3:00pm /Sat 12:00pm

This week's Report features:

1) Interview with Peter Schweitzer and Elaine Langley on the aftermath of Katrina in Biloxi and New Orleans. Peter and Elaine have just returned from a trip to the area. Plenty, the grass-roots relief organization that they work for notices that government funding and assistance is still way behind private efforts despite the billions being poured into the area our of government coffers

2) Interview with Michael O'Gorman, an organic farmer and organizer about the effect of the war on small farms and rural communities

3) An outing of the democrats who voted for the spy bill--shame, shame, shame---fear doesn't cut it anymore guys. What's the excuse this time?

music by hippielawyer and Marian and Mellani

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Civilianism #20 / Bridges and Freedom

Monday 8/6/2007
3:00pm - repeat 10:00pm

If a bridge falls in Minneapolis, does it make a sound Republicans can hear? Bridges collapsing, infrastructure crumbling, yet Republican politicians won’t raise taxes and fix things because they’re selfish and greedy. More signs of greed include telling 22,000 Iraq veterans they have personality disorders, separating them from the military and denying them their medical benefits. What is wrong with Republicans? They also start wars just to spread killing and chaos, not freedom or democracy, so that in the ensuing chaos they can grab control of natural resources.

Bush’s bizarre behavior during his first press conference with Prime Minister Gordon Brown should be grounds enough for a finding of a pre-existing personality disorder. Can we separate him from the U.S. government?

Jeff of the podcast GOP Exposed called in a long voicemail about slavery and his theory as to why we invade other countries.

Then I go way off script and rant about the occupation in Iraq for a bit. It felt good, though I stick to my promise to remain un-hysterical, unlike many Republican broadcasters. I’m so sick of the occupation of Iraq and the administration’s excuses and constantly evolving reasoning I’m afraid I’m becoming numb to it. Getting angry helps keep me focused on how wrong and immoral the invasion was and the occupation is. Please don’t get numb to it because then apathy sets in. We have to end our involvement in Iraq as soon as possible and remain dedicated to that.
This podcast also plays a portion of the Jon Elliot radio show featuring the story of Mark and Deborah Kuhn, who had an unfortunate run-in with the law concerning their American flag. Their story includes a strange encounter with an Iraq war veteran.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office arrested activists Mark and Deborah Kuhn in West Asheville Wednesday morning after a complaint that the couple was desecrating an American flag. They say a deputy invaded their home and used excessive force.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Alternative Radio Friday 4/13

5:00 pm & 10:00 pm
In Conversation
Kurt Vonnegut

Where recorded: New York, NY
Date recorded: 23 Feb 2003

While attending university in the mid 70s, I probably spent more time reading the novels of Kurt Vonnegut than my college texts. He was my hero, and has become a cultural icon. His observation of the destructiveness and dehumanization of the 20th century, distilled by his rich imagination and quirky view of events and their time frames, make for delightful reading and listening experiences. His irreverence is palpable, as is his disdain for Bush and the current administration. Asked by a journalist for an idea for a really scary reality TV show, Vonnegut responded, "C Students From Yale, it would stand your hair on end." In his book Hocus Pocus, published in 1990, he wrote, "Just because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the Universe."

Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut was an infantryman in WW2 and was captured during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. He was then taken to a POW camp in Dresden in time to experience the horrific Allied firebombing of the city from the relative safety of an underground meat locker. The destruction wrought was greater than that of Nagasaki. He is now a self-described "fourth-generation German-American living in easy circumstances." He has written over 20 books and ranks among America's most widely read and best loved authors.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MAKING CONTACT - a weekly international radio program

April 11, 2007
3:00 pm & 11;00 pm

Taxes are something we all have to deal with, whether we like it or not. They fund basic infrastructure and much needed social programs. The tax cuts of the Bush administration were supposed to create more jobs and redistribute the wealth for average Americans, but have they?

To find out, we talk with a single mom and a tax fairness advocate to debunk some myths about how wealth is created and what people can do to change tax policy. We also look at how an under-reported union between political conservatives and the Christian right preserves the gap between the haves and have-nots.


Harmony Langford, single mom in Flint, Michigan; Anisha Desai, Deputy Director, United for Fair Economy; Tom McClosky, vice president of government affairs and chief lobbyist of the Family Research Council; Rich Meagher, PhD candidate, City University of New York; Max Sawicky, economist at the Economic Policy Institute.

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Contributing Producer: Abby Scherr
Mixing Engineer: Phillip Babich
Intern: Alexis McCrimmon
Recording assistants: Richie Duchon, Geoff Brady, Doug George and Robert Frazier

For more information:

United for A Fair Economy
29 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108

UFE's Racial Wealth Divide Project

Urban Institute
2100 M Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20037

The Public Eye magazine
1310 Broadway, #201
Somerville, MA 02144

Citizens for Tax Justice
1616 P Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

Economic Policy Institute
1333 H Street, NW
Suite 300, East Tower
Washington, DC 20005-4707

Family Research Council
801 G Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Other helpful links:

Economic Self-Sufficiency Coalition of Western New York

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
820 First Street, NE, Suite 510
Washington, DC 20002

Public Eye: "Tax Revolt as a Family Value - How the Christian Right Is Becoming A Free Market Champion"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Third Planet Report, 4/11/07 with host hippielawyer Alan Graf

5:00 pm & 10:00 pm Wed
3:00 pm Thursday
12 noon Saturday

This weeks' Report features the following:

1) Interview with law Professor Bill Quigley regarding two priests he has been representing who were charged with trespassing on a federal facility near Tuscon AZ. The facility teaches torture and interrogation techniques used in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. The priests were caught red handed praying on the base.

The Professor also talks about the continuing dire situation in New Orleans effecting mostly the poor and African-American community and how the government, particularly the federal government, continues to drop the ball.

2) Interview with Ina May Gaskin, world famous midwife and her two friends and associates Helen Knowles and Ping Qiu. Ina May talks about how women are still be subjugated to unnecessary cesarean sections when they could have their babies delivered naturally. Ping Qiu, a Chinese artist living in Berlin and Helen Knowles, an artist and curator from Manchester, England, talk about how their activism for womens' rights and issues is expressed through their art and how their friendship with Ina May influenced their artwork.

3) Interview with civil rights attorney Rose Weber who expresses her concern that the left and progressive movement has unfairly obsessed over Israel and Israel's relationship with the Palestinians. She takes the position that the plight of the Palestinians is more the fault of the Arab nations than Israel

Music and commentary by hippielawyer

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